Young leadership for global justice

Join our CAFOD campaigns for young people, including our refugee campaign.

Young leaders at a CAFOD training day.

Suitable for secondary school staff, including chaplains and aspiring leaders 

Challenge your students to become aspiring leaders by reflecting on their responsibility towards others and the planet. Deepen their understanding of global justice issues and empower them to run social action projects. Two days of training will support you in setting up a young leadership programme in your school. 

Course requirements 

  • This course is open to secondary school staff in England, especially teachers, chaplains and aspiring leaders. 
  • Two-day course with short webinar twelve weeks later to share what you have implemented with other participants. 
  • Complete short questionnaires, before the course and after the webinar (British Council requirement). 

Contact us to book a free course for your state funded school or cluster. If you are in an independent school and wish to get involved, please get in touch.  

Contact us now to book

For London: Tuesday 18 - Wednesday 19 May 2021 Book here

For Salford: Tuesday 11 May – Wednesday 12 May 2021 Book here

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