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CAFOD young leaders

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 Setting up a social media account is a great way to share the volunteering you've been doing with CAFOD, not just so that we can hear about it and celebrate it, but also so that other people can get inspired.

Tips for setting up your own account

  • Rather than a CAFOD logo, use a picture of your group with some CAFOD logos, for example, wearing CAFOD t-shirts, or waving CAFOD flags, or wearing your CAFOD badges. This is so that people can distinguish your account from the official CAFOD accounts, but it also gives you a visual identity as a group of people who are involved with CAFOD’s work
  • Make sure your handle/page name is personal to your group. For example, @StJosephsCAFODGroup rather than @CAFODClimate
  • Fill in the ‘About us’ section of your account to explain the nature and purpose of your account, for example: ‘We are young people from [school name] who support the work of CAFOD and believe in the power of our generation in tackling poverty and climate change’
  • Include a link to the CAFOD website on your account, so people can find out more information about our work
  • If using Facebook, it’s best if your young leaders’ account is a fan page for people to like, rather than a profile that people can ‘befriend’
  • Check out the St Joseph’s College young leaders’ account @cafod_sjcr on Instagram.

Tips on using your CAFOD young leaders’ social media account

  • Keep it relevant (to do with CAFOD/development issues/social justice)
  • Make sure it’s appropriate (e.g. not rude or disrespectful… in line with CAFOD’s values)
  • Using hashtags on Twitter raises profile of tweet and helps it reach a bigger audience.  We suggest about two hashtags per tweet is best
  • It’s great to use photos to illustrate your posts/tweets. Check out the Keeping safe section below
  • Follow CAFOD on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, share our posts when you love them
  • Tag @CAFOD in your tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pics, and we’ll retweet and share our favourite ones from the main CAFOD accounts!

Keeping safe

It’s great to take photos of the events and activities that you lead. It’s a fantastic way to share your message further, inspire others and evidence your volunteering. To keep everyone including yourself safe, please follow these guidelines.

Before you share a photo of a young person online or in a newsletter, make sure you have written permission from a young person’s parents if they’re under 16. If they’re over 16, they can give their own permission verbally or in written form.

You should also not give more than two pieces of identifying info about a young person:

  • first name (don’t use surnames)
  • photo
  • location - specific town or village (you can give the general region, such as county or diocese)
  • school parish name or logo.

For example:

‘Tom and Nicki from St Joseph’s did a sponsored run for CAFOD’ without a photo is fine

‘Students from St Joseph’s did a sponsored run for CAFOD’ with a photo is fine too

‘Tom and Nicki from St Joseph’s did a sponsored run for CAFOD’ with a photo isn’t allowed. There’s too much identifying info

Do check with your school or parish safeguarding officer as they can tell you about your specific school or parish’s guidelines, as you must follow these. Your school may have photo permissions already, do ask!





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