Go Green primary assembly

World leaders are meeting in Glasgow this November for a crucial meeting about the climate crisis and the future of our planet and its people. Our Go Green assembly encourages Catholic schools around England and Wales to unite together and fundraise to support communities around the world who are protecting the planet.

Go Green fundraising will support people like Luana who lives in the Brazilian Amazon. When fires destroyed the crops and trees that Luana’s community rely on to survive, CAFOD’s local experts helped them to replant using sustainable methods so that they would have food to eat and to sell.

Tell us you're joining in!

We’re joining @CAFODSchools Go Green national assembly to find out how we can help communities who are protecting nature and dealing with the climate crisis around the world. You can join in at home too! #GoGreenChallenge https://cafod.org.uk/News/Events/National-assemblies


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