CAFOD facts: learning hub

Find homework help and revisions tips on CAFOD and global justice. What does CAFOD stand for? Who does CAFOD help? How does CAFOD spend its money?

What is CAFOD?

CAFOD stands for the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. We believe that poverty is not part of God’s plan. We work in more than 40 countries seeking local solutions to end poverty and injustice.

Find out what we do

Learn about poverty and CAFOD's work.

What is poverty?

Learn about the major causes of global poverty with our information PowerPoint, factsheets and film playlist. 

What does CAFOD do to help? Learn about poverty issues for your homework.

How does CAFOD help?

Find out what we do, where we work and check out our Q&A to find out how we spend our money.

CAFOD El Salvador and Oscar Romero prayer resources.

CAFOD and Catholicism

Find out why Catholic Social Teaching at the heart of what we do and who we are.

Join our CAFOD campaigns for young people, including our refugee campaign.

CAFOD history and values

Learn about our work with the Catholic community and our partners.

Razir and her family, refugees from Syria who were photographed as part of the Lost Family Portraits series in Lebanon by Dario Mitidieri on behalf of CAFOD


How do we respond to communities affected by conflict?

Learn about CAFOD's work in an emergency


What do we do and how do we respond when an emergency hits?

Women in Nicaragua are part of a bee keeping project with CAFOD partners


Learn about the issues around gender equality and poverty.

Learn about CAFOD's work on HIV and AIDS development projects.


HIV and AIDS is one of the biggest threats to development today.  Find out what we are doing about it.

Trade and Fairtrade

Find out about how trade rules affect some of the poorest communities around the world.

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