Country guides

Guides to a selection of countries where CAFOD partners work, including fact files and stories.

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Download fileZambia country guide (pdf, 1mb)

Find out more about Zambia and the work we are doing with partners there.

Download fileBolivia Guide for young people (pdf, 3mb)

Find out about Bolivia and our partners' work there, and how Catholic Social Teaching informs this work.

Download fileUganda country guide for young people (pdf, 2mb)

Find out about Uganda with our country guide. Includes a selection of water-themed activities for KS3/4.

Download fileEl Salvador country guide (pdf, 2mb)

Find out about the country and our partner's work to overcome gang violence. Includes a gang dilemma role play and a reflective art activity on Salvadorean crosses for KS3.

Download fileMyanmar country guide (pdf, 2mb)

Facts, stats and case study from Myanmar. Includes activities making a diagram of a cyclone emergency drill and exploring CST quotes on Stewardship. KS3/4.

Download file Sierra Leone country guide (pdf, 2mb)

A guide to Sierra Leone and our partners' work on food projects, with two classroom exercises for KS3 or KS4.

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