CAFOD secondary factsheets 2016

Up-to-date pack of factsheets on a range of development issues. Great for research, homework or a brief overview of some major themes in global development. KS3, KS4, Post-16.


  • Download fileSustainable energy factsheet (pdf , 947kb)

    A summary of why access to sustainable energy is so vital for development, with statistics and examples.

  • Download filePoverty (pdf , 779kb)

    A factsheet covering some of the statistics and stories behind extreme poverty.

  • Download fileSustainable Development Goals (pdf , 2mb)

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) replaced the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, and we all need to know about them.

  • Download fileTrade (pdf , 959kb)

    Our global economy is built on trade, but it gives Multinational Corporations the ability to influence government policy, and great power over the lives of their employees.

  • Download fileAid (pdf , 931kb)

    Aid is money donated by governments and charities to other countries in times of need. Responsible aid aims to help people out of poverty through education and training.

  • Download fileEmergencies (pdf , 912kb)

    Emergencies can result from human actions or natural disasters, but in either case the speed and nature of the international response is crucial.

  • Download fileHealth (pdf , 977kb)

    As the global community develops we are continually faced with new and complex world health issues, and people living in extreme poverty often miss out on adequate health care.

  • Download fileHIV and AIDS (pdf , 586kb)

    There have been huge medical advances in the treatment of HIV, but still not everyone has access. 

  • Download fileClimate change (pdf , 822kb)

    Some statistics, some facts and some thoughts to ponder on the impacts of climate change in the developing world.

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