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Welcome to our 2021 home learning resources for young people during coronavirus lockdown.

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Make trade fair!

Explore how to make trade fairer, post-Brexit. KS4/5.

“Girls should not hate their bodies because periods are God given and they are natural” - Nadim

God Given

A home learning resource exploring why equality for women matters so much. KS3.


My walk with Abdella

Mark describes accompanying Abdella on his incredible walk for water in Ethiopia. KS4/5.

Archbishop Oscar Romero preaching

Romero - prophet?

Explore Romero's life in this session and decide whether you think he was a prophet. KS3.

Poverty resource

A self-contained lesson for home learning on causes and effects of poverty. KS3/4.

Catholic Agency For Overseas Development

CAFOD in action

In this home learning exercise, find out what CAFOD does and why we do it. KS3/4.

Pope Francis called for oil and gas companies to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Pope for a day

A home learning session to reflect on global issues and Catholic teaching.

CAFOD Human Dignity animation

Human Dignity

A session for GCSE RE students, exploring Catholic teaching on human dignity.

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