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Welcome to our home learning resources for young people in this time of partial school closures due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

While we're in isolation, it’s vital for our world and our mental health to keep reaching out.

On this page you can engage with the world, with a new theme to explore each week. Or choose one theme for our extended, Connect 2020 challenge!

A message to parents and teachers

Previous challenges and upcoming themes

We also have resources for RE curriculum and for home learning for primary children 

Open door with keys in lock

Dare to care?

How long can you spend in solidarity with people denied their human right to freedom?

Young people demonstrating a keepie uppie football challenge for CAFOD

Don't just sit there!

Football pitch size areas of the Amazon are being destroyed. Hone your footy skills and count your keepie uppies! Or even make your own football?

A worksheet of big questions - how, what, where, why.

Big questions

Consider these questions then find a way to share your thoughts:

Have I ever been denied a right and how did it feel?

Which of my rights would I defend most strongly, and why?

How far would I go to defend someone’s rights?

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