Moving people: Short play on people forced from their homes

Moving people is a short play written by RISE Theatre. In the play we meet four people who have been forced from their homes. 

Use this CAFOD refugee drama activity with young people to help them reflect on the value and dignity of each person. The play creatively explores the Parable of the sheep and goats (Matthew 25:31-46).

Download the script and check out the accompanying resource for ideas on how to use this play with your group, including follow up activities.

Can't use You Tube? Right click to download the film.


  • Download fileMoving people play script (pdf , 120kb)

    Script for Moving people short play featuring four characters who have been forced from their homes. Use with youth groups, Confirmation groups and Secondary school pupils. Written by RISE Theatre and first performed at Flame 2017.

  • Download fileMoving people youth group resource (pdf , 604kb)

    Suggestions on how to use the Moving people short play with your youth group, Confirmation group or Secondary school students. Includes discussion questions, follow up activities and real-life stories based on characters in the play. 

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