Mountain top moments reflection

Have you ever been on retreat, to Flame, World Youth Day or Lourdes? Perhaps you've just made your Confirmation? Have you had the most amazing experience ever? Met some fantastic people, really connected with God, your faith, yourself and others? Felt like you have 'seen from the mountain top'? Then when you get home you feel a bit lost...

Rachel, Tobi, Cameron and Francesca know how you feel.

Watch Rachel’s beautiful Christian spoken word poem and the CAFOD young leaders' film to find out what you could do next to put your faith into action!

Right click to download We have seen from the mountain top place.

Right click to download Be a CAFOD young leader!

Youth leaders and chaplains in Catholic schools, parishes and Catholic youth ministry settings could use these films as part of a prayer, reflection or liturgy with young people. They could provide inspiration for young people planning activities to put their faith into action, particularly after a 'mountain top' faith experience, Confirmation or as part of their CYMFed Faith in Action award.



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