Weekly home learning themes

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Explore our resources for children and families during the coronavirus school closures.

You can find home learning resources from the 2020 lockdowns in the list below.

Speaking out

Stimulus: Nelson Mandela

Dare to care: and speak out

Big questions: leading the way

Don't just sit there: be a leader!

Pray with us: I have a dream

Summer of hope for the future

Stimulus: What will the next 50 years look like?

Dare to care: about the future

Big questions: hope for the future

Don't just sit there: share your hope

Pray with us: Taking the long view

Summer of Hope: Community radio

Stimulus: Fighting coronavirus by radio

Dare to care: experience a day without information

Big questions: Access to reliable information

Don't just sit there: Share your Summer of Hope via local radio

Pray with us: Coronavirus prayer

Summer of Hope: Clean water

Stimulus: Video: Guti and the importance of handwashing

Dare to care: about clean water

Dare to care: Video: How to make a tippy tap

Dare to care: Instructions for making a tippy tap

Big questions: Access to clean water

Don't just sit there: Do a Summer of Hope watery fundraiser

Pray with us: Coronavirus prayer

Refugee week

Stimulus 1: Refugee animation

Stimulus 2: Join our national assembly

Dare to care: On the move simulation activity

Big questions: Refugee crisis

Don't just sit there: Make your own hunger cloth

Don't just sit there: Video: Encountering God in the stranger

Don't just sit there: Join our national assembly this Thursday! 

Pray with us: Prayer for refugees

Pray with us: Pope Francis quotation

Corpus Christi: Bread of life

Stimulus 1: Pope Francis quotation

Stimulus 2: Video: Hungry for change

Dare to care: Eat simply in solidarity

Big questions: Food and hunger

Don't just sit there: Bake and share bread

Pray with us: Feeding the 5000 icon reflection

Pray with us: Grace before meals

Pentecost: Peace

Stimulus 1:  Video: Rosana from Colombia

Stimulus 2: Peace-building stories

Dare to care: Be at peace in meditation

Big questions: Peace

Don't just sit there: Paint a mural to build peace

Pray with us: Lead us in your ways

Laudato Si': Anniversary celebration

Stimulus 1: Laudato Si' animation 

Stimulus 2: Laudato Si' animation script

Dare to care: Help create the world you hope to see after lockdown

Big questions: Celebrating Laudato Si'

Don't just sit there: Celebrate by video making and playlist compiling!

Pray with us: Mary, Queen of all Creation

Laudato Si': Love generously (SDG 10)

Stimulus 1: COVID-19 overseas and our response

Stimulus 2: Video: Emergency

Dare to care: Sign and share our petition

Dare to Care: How CAFOD responds in an emergency

Big questions: Loving generously

Don't just sit there: Create your own emergency game and play it

Pray with us: Coronavirus prayer

Pray with us: Mary, Queen of all Creation

Laudato Si': Think deeply (SDG 4)

Stimulus 1: Video: Fabiano's right to education

Stimulus 2: Education board game

Dare to care: Experience the frustration of not having the tools to understand

Big questions: Thinking deeply about education 

Don't just sit there: Make a comic

Don't just sit there: Animation: Laudato Si'

Pray with us: Fullness of life

Laudato Si': Live wisely (SDG3)

Stimulus 1: Animation: Laudato Si'

Stimulus 2: Video: Solar energy for a Kenyan clinic

Dare to care: Count your steps for all who walk for healthcare

Dare to care: Health factsheet

Big questions: NHS heroes and access to healthcare

Don't just sit there: Live wisely and exercise

Pray with us: A Good Samaritan heals the Earth

Laudato Si' and SDGs

Stimulus 1: Animation: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Stimulus 2: Animation: Laudato Si'

Dare to care: Change the world with the SDGs

Dare to care: Factsheet: SDGs 

Dare to care: Video: No point going halfway

Big questions: SDGs

Don't just sit there: SDGs augmented reality activity

Don't just sit there: Earth Day actions

Pray with us: Canticle of the creatures


Stimulus: PowerPoint: The Emmaus Story

Dare to care: Share images of hope

Big questions: Hope

Don't just sit there: Jar of hope activity

Don't just sit there: Easter hope prayer bookmarks

Pray with us: Easter hope in a time of crisis

Selfless Service

Stimulus 1: Video: Sister Consilia in Zimbabwe

Stimulus 2: PowerPoint: Stations of the Cross

Dare to care: Dare to do a chore

Big questions: Selfless service

Don't just sit there: Make a banner about service

Don't just sit there: Consider what helps you in isolation - then help someone else!

Pray with us: Video: Lent prayer

Human rights defenders

Stimulus 1: Video: Yesica and Hector defend the Amazon

Stimulus 2: PowerPoint: Human rights defenders in the Amazon

Dare to care: A day without freedom

Big questions: Human rights

Don't just sit there: Video: Hone your footy skills to raise awareness!

Don't just sit there: Video: Can you make a football like the one seen here?

Heroes like Saint Oscar Romero

Stimulus 1: Video: Oscar Romero

Stimulus 2: Romero's life in a timeline

Dare to care: Video introducing our weekly Caring dare! 

Dare to care: Help some local heroes

Big questions: Heroes

Don't just sit there: Romero quotations activity

Don't just sit there: Animation: Oscar Romero

Pray with us: Romero cross reflective activity

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