Our A-Z of fundraising ideas

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page, it’s great that you are still thinking of fundraising for us during this difficult time. We’ve updated this page with new ideas and there are still many things you can do to raise money for CAFOD while respecting the restrictions placed on all of us by Covid-19.

This list of easy fundraising ideas includes our favourite ways to raise money for charity and can be used at home on your own or with family (some do require an internet connection!). Remember you can share the results online, and don’t forget to mention CAFOD and ask people to donate!

Top fundraising ideas:

  • JustGiving provides a platform for online fundraising that you can do for CAFOD.
  • World Gifts - Raise funds to buy a World Gift and make a difference to someone's life.



Organise an aerobics-athon to keep fit and healthy and feel good, as well as supporting CAFOD. You can do this online, following one of the YouTube exercise classes, or do your own.

Organise your own online fundraising auction! There are various sites where you can set up an online auction for charity. Another idea is to donate a percentage (or all) of the funds raised from selling anything unwanted through a CAFOD EBay auction.


Bake off!
One of our most popular fundraising event ideas! And you can do it online! Hold a cake making competition and get your friends, family and colleagues to bake too, share the results of your labours on social media, and make sure you tag CAFOD. People can vote for their favourites by donating.

 Chocolate cake


Candlelight Fund
A candlelight fund is a special, dedicated fund to remember a loved one who has passed away. Just as we light a candle to reflect on their memory, our Candlelight Funds celebrate the life and the memories that are left behind. 

Celebration Fund
Is it your birthday or anniversary? Do you have another celebration coming up that will be affected by this lockdown? Why not set up a CAFOD Celebration Fund to mark your occasion. It’s a great to stay in touch and celebrate, as well as raising money for people in need around the world.


Dance challenge
Time to put your best foot forward! You could do a danceathon at home! Pick a time, get your playlist ready and keep dancing! You can get sponsored, post pictures and videos online or (if you’re really clever) stream the whole thing live.


Easter egg hunt
Organise an Easter egg hunt at home. Donate money for each Easter Egg that is found.

Exercise is still allowed once a day (at the time of writing!). Why not keep a log of distances covered running/cycling/walking and ask for sponsorship. If we can’t do this, do you have a treadmill or exercise bike? How about skipping? What about walking up and down the stairs? Get creative and raise money for CAFOD.


Facebook Fundraising
Do you have a Facebook account? Is your birthday coming up? Instead of getting presents this year, why not ask for donations to CAFOD? It's simple and easy to set up.

Face painting competition
Put your artistic talents to good use and paint people’s faces. Remember to charge for your works of face painting art, and share the results online!

Fancy dress
Have a theme for your dressing up day. Do it on your own or as a family, post pictures and videos online and ask people to donate.

Dress as a superhero!

Free fundraising
Sign up for Amazon smile, Give as you live or Savoo and you can give a donation to CAFOD every time you shop!

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Games Day: scrabble, chess, trivial pursuits etc
Channel Christmas day memories and have a marathon board game tournament! Either pay to play or get sponsored. Take pictures or a video and post to social media. 

Gaming for Good
Computer games can do good! If you or someone you know plays a lot of FIFA, Minecraft or some other game, why not have a look at JustGiving, to see how they can turn all that gaming into money raised for CAFOD.

Give it up this Lent!
Challenge yourself to go without something for Lent. Chocolate, magazines, or computer games are just a few things you could give up! Donate the money you save, set up a sponsorship page for CAFOD on JustGiving or download a sponsorship form.


Healthy mum and baby
Buy this World Gift for a loved one, and help mums and babies get the best start in life. 

Helpful fairies
Children, (Big and small!) in this time of isolation, why not be the washing up or laundry 'fairy' for your family. All for a donation to CAFOD of course!

Hula hoop Contest
How many times can you spin the hula hoop? Organise a hula hoopathon! Don’t forget to get sponsored by the spin, or the length of time you keep the hoop going. 


I don't know what to choose!
26+ ideas is a lot, but we've made it easy for you. Take our fundraising quiz and we'll give you a personalised suggestion and advice on what to do next!

International connections
Do you know anyone overseas who you can get in contact with? Grab a virtual coffee with them online, as a way of remembering those who you love around the world. If appropriate, pray with them at this difficult time.

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Have your friends in stitches with a joke-athon. Make a video or stream online. All you need is a webcam and an internet connection. How long can you keep your friends laughing? If the jokes are really bad, make them pay a fee to leave.


Get into some online Karaoke! There are numerous sites which offer this service, and you can join with others as you do it. Donate the money you would have spent on a night out.


Lego making competition
Gather together all the Lego you got for Christmas and challenge your family to get creative! Who can make the most recognisable landmark, or biggest building? Pay to take part!

Lost Coins
Search around the house for lost coins! A great game and you can give the money to CAFOD. (We also take foreign coins!).

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Play the ‘How many game’. Count the number of taps, doors, phones, Bibles etc in your house. Donate an amount per item. Count the number of screens and then see if you can get sponsored for not watching any. Even more difficult at the moment!


Nominate a teacher – to have their legs, beard or head shaved online.
Are you in touch with any of your teachers? Challenge them or a youth leader to have a shave or wax for a good cause. Remember that they should get sponsored for CAFOD too, or charge people a fee to watch it happen.


Odd job day
Charge a fee for odd jobs around the house that need doing during the shutdown; you could offer to clean the house, tidy up, or cook! What about selling i.o.u. jobs to friends and neighbours to be completed in the future, all for a donation to CAFOD.

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Penalty shoot out
Show off your skills in a sponsored shoot out as part of a football fundraiser. Put the goalie in fancy dress to make their job harder!

Period pack
Period Pack World Gift

Give a refugee woman her dignity this year with this perfect and practical present from World Gifts

Pig that provides
Alternatively, go the whole hog and buy this perfect pig for a foodie! This unusual gift will really help a poor family bring home the bacon.


Quiet in the house!
Make your parents or carers happy by remaining quiet for a few hours, or even a whole day, with this popular fundraising activity. Remember to get sponsored too! Download your sponsorship form here.

Hold an online quiz or quiz night and raise money for CAFOD by charging per entrant. 



Prize winner in the CAFOD raffle

Mr Naylor won a prize in the CAFOD raffle

Get friends and family or local businesses to donate prizes, and then get people to take part in an online raffle. Remember to give people their prizes when you can. Alternatively, you can get involved with CAFOD's raffle

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Sell for CAFOD on EBay
Unwanted Christmas gifts? Auction them on eBay and a percentage of the sale price can come to CAFOD!

Are you online shopping? Fundraise as you shop online - for free!


Talent contest
Hold a contest to showcase the talents of your family! Video it and share online, inviting donations to CAFOD.

Treasure hunt
Create a treasure hunt around the house (or garden), with clues and challenges to see which of your family can find the treasure horde of chocolate treats (or anything else!). You can charge per entrant. Remember to Order your chocolate coins from World Gifts.


Create sock puppets, craft key holders or cook candles! Go online for inspiration, get crafty and get donations or sponsorship for your creations. Post pictures and videos on social media so we can all enjoy them.

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Virtual Fundraising
If you can still get out to exercise or have a particular challenge you are doing at home, set up a ‘Virtual Fundraiser’. All you need to do is choose a giving platform like JustGiving, and promote your activity to friends, inviting them to donate.


Wine and cheese evening
The Houseparty App is a way to meet and socialise in this period of isolation. You can still bring a bottle and some cheese. Ask people to donate to be part of the fun.


X-box tournament
Other games consoles are available and you can use any of them to host a virtual fundraising night in for CAFOD.  

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Yoga (Desk based)
Can’t get to your gym or class anymore? Search the internet for desk based yoga while you are working from home to keep fit and well in these difficult times. Then donate some of the money you would have paid to the gym!

Yes we can!
Set yourself a challenge for CAFOD and stay positive that you can achieve it! Why not target funding a Marvellous moo cow or a Medical outreach team and fundraise towards them? You could try a different fundraising idea each week.


Looking for fun, sponsorship ideas? You've come to the end of our list! If you've tried one of our suggestions we'd love to hear how you got on and if you've tried more than one, you're due for a well-earned rest. Zzz 

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Thank you so much for your support.

It’s much appreciated, and makes such a difference towards helping creating a world without poverty and injustice. 

You can find more help and advice in our How to fundraise guide and on our health and safety pages.

We'd love to hear from you about your fundraising as well - tweet your pictures to @CAFOD or email events@cafod.org.uk

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