Birthday Fundraising

Happy Birthday to you! 

So, your birthday is coming up and perhaps you’re thinking: “Hmmm, what should I ask for this year?” Perhaps you’re remembering of some of the gifts you got last year - or perhaps you can’t remember them. Oops. But what if your birthday could mean changing the lives of people who have so little? How about doing a birthday fundraiser for CAFOD? 

Step 1 

Set up your birthday fundraiser on Facebook

If you don’t have Facebook, you could also use Just Giving.  

Step 2 

Set a target amount that you would like to raise. Why not add a picture of yourself so your friends know that it’s your page? 

Step 3 

Send the link out to your friends, maybe planning a get-together for your birthday while you’re at it?  

Sign up so that you're reminded 

If you’d like us to remind you when it’s best to sign up for your birthday fundraiser, simply fill in your details and we’ll give you a gentle nudge  

Set up a reminder

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