Give in celebration

Life is full of moments to celebrate: birthdays and new babies, weddings and anniversaries, Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. And so many everyday blessings in between. Create a Celebration Fund and your donations will give your global family many reasons to celebrate too.

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What is a Celebration Fund?

A Celebration Fund is a way of celebrating and donating at the same time. Your fund can celebrate one special day, or everyday blessings throughout your life.

You can start a fund for yourself or for someone else, such as a child's Baptism. You can donate on your own, or invite friends and family to contribute to your fund instead of buying presents.

How can I grow my fund?

We'll give you an online Celebration Fund page where you, your friends and family can share photos, donate and send greetings, and see how much you have raised. We'll also send you a welcome pack including fundraising ideas and donation forms.

How will my fund help?

Donations to your Celebration Fund will reach out to the world's poorest people, offering the love and support they need to flourish. Start a Celebration Fund and you'll give the world something to celebrate.

Start a Celebration Fund     Search for a Celebration Fund

Other ways to give in celebration

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