Changing lives in Niger - the Hands On way

Life is hard in Doutchi, Niger. Frequent drought and devastating floods have repeatedly destroyed harvests, meaning that it can be a struggle for families to have even one meal a day. 

However, thanks to generous Hands On donors, work is finishing in Doutchi. Three years on, the people of Doutchi have learnt how to survive on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

What you have achieved through getting Hands On in Doutchi 

Niger is the world’s poorest country and is also one of the hottest. Getting enough food to eat is the biggest challenge for people living here. 

But the people of Doutchi have worked hard to break this cycle of hunger, ensuring that each family can be sure of three meals every day. 

This has been achieved through:

  • training on new farming techniques to improve their land,
  • caring for livestock
  • learning how to prepare for and recover from extreme weather,

All of which are laying the foundations for a better and more secure future.

Introducing our next Hands On project

While Hands On Doutchi is no longer in need of new donors, we have launched our new Hands On project.

Our next project is in Colombia, where for over 50 years, families have been living with conflict between government forces, guerrillas and paramilitaries.

Starting from the ground up, this next three-year project will work with young leaders to build peace in their community.

With your support, young people will become ‘generation peace’ and learn:

  • How to resolve conflict peacefully, without resorting to violence
  • Good communication skills
  • How to avoid a life of crime and violence
  • More about their future opportunities

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