Hands On Karuna Battambang

The Battambang region of Cambodia is sometimes referred to as the “rice bowl”.

The climate crisis is making it harder for farmers to grow crops like they once did. But with support from local experts, communities are working hard to become even more resilient in the face of this crisis.

Hear from Tom, director of Karuna Battambang Organisation 

Tom is director of Karuna Battambang Organisation in Cambodia. He spoke to us about what inspires him and his team to reach out to the families in the remotest parts of Cambodia. 

We believe that serving the people in need is always our priority. 


Project goals

  • To increase knowledge, skills and confidence of farming families living in remote communities and facing the disastrous effects of the climate crisis. 
  • To help families grow sustainable food in a changing climate - training them in new and simpler methods of rice farming, involving fewer seeds, less water and no pesticides.
  • To help people live sustainably in their local environment - in particular, through the use of a natural fertiliser using home-made compost.
  • To give people the tools and ability to increase their economic independence.

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Over the next couple of years on the Hands On Karuna Battambang project, we will meet lots of wonderful people and hear their stories.

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The people whose stories you will follow

Man standing in field

Min is a teacher, farmer and community leader.


Min is a teacher, farmer and community leader who is keen to share his knowledge of sustainable farming.

Woman in Cambodia

Long is a cook in a cafe.


Long is a cook in a cafe in a village in the Pursat province who dreams of helping women earn an independent income.

Portrait of man with hands held together

Yun is a maths teacher by day and a security guard by night.


Yun is a maths teacher by day and a security guard by night who is passionate about teaching young people about the importance of community.

Our work in Cambodia

CAFOD has worked in Cambodia since 1980. For our latest Hands On project, we will be working with KBO (Karuna Battambang Organisation). KBO works in some of the remotest parts of Cambodia. 

They understand the situation faced by the Hands On community, because they are from this region and so local people trust them. And with your help, local communities can grow and reach their full potential!

"We put our heart with the people of Cambodia. Every challenge our people face, we face with them. We cannot let people suffer. We have to reach out as best we can and do all that is in our ability to help. Your support is vital in making this happen."

Tom Chheat, Director of Karuna Battambang Organisation

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