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For over 50 years, Colombia has suffered so much. More than 280,000 people have been killed in the conflict; many of these children. People living in the Magdalena Medio region are tired of being caught between government forces, guerrillas and paramilitaries.

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But, young leaders like 15-year-old Rosana have a plan to bring about change by taking advantage of a unique moment in Colombia’s history. The peace deal between the most notorious guerrilla group and the Colombian government has created an opportunity for people to build peace in their communities.

Working with our local partner PDP (Programa de Desarrollo y Paz – Peace and Development Programme), and with your regular support, people living in the Magdalena Medio region plan to educate and empower young people to resolve conflict peacefully. A vital first step on the road to a future free from violence.

Help this 'generation of peace' lead change in their country

The project will begin by running peace building workshops in 34 schools, teaching young people how to avoid a life of violence. They will be taught how to share all they have learnt with their families and neighbours. Together, with your help, we aim to reach 5,000 people in total.

"We are fighters. We believe anything is possible. As young people, we have a responsibility towards our country. We are the present."


Over the next 3 years, we will work with young people, and women’s support groups, to run workshops and equip young people with strong communication skills and other tools, to make peace a reality. Our partners on the ground understand the situation faced by the Hands On community, because they are from this region, and so local people trust them.

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