Hold a CAFOD carol service

Prepare for Christmas in your parish or community by holding a CAFOD carol service.

A boy lighting candles

This Advent and Christmas, with carols, festive fun, and in your prayers and Advent services, you can join with people around the world.

Carol Services are special moments, helping us celebrate the birth of Jesus. We hope we are all able to meet in person, but recognise there is lots of uncertainty at the moment to do with social mixing, so we are presenting a guide for this event both virtually and 'in-person'. The virtual guide is on this page (with an expanded pdf guide below), and the 'in-person' guide is presented as a pdf below. There are also pdf's for a Nativity Script and CAFOD's Carol Sheet.

A guide to setting up your service

  1. Choose a date and time, maybe a weekend or evening
  2. Choose an online platform like Zoom.
  3. Create an order of service (see our carol sheet for ideas on which Christmas Hymns to sing).
  4. Find someone who can lead the carols (maybe a good singer or musician, if this is not possible, try using some videos, there are loads on YouTube).
  5. Set up a JustGiving page or invite people to donate to the CAFOD website.
  6. You’re ready to go!


Download fileCAFOD's Carol Service Guide 2021 (pdf, 3mb)

Have a CAFOD Carol Service or use some of these ideas in your own Carol Service.

Download fileCAFOD's Nativity Play 2021 (pdf, 4mb)

Join in the wonder of the Nativity with our very own script.

Download fileCAFOD's Carols Sheet 2021 (pdf, 2mb)

Join in with Carols for CAFOD this festive season!

Download fileOnline Carol Service Guide 2021 (pdf, 2mb)

Hold an online service and raise funds for CAFOD

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