Hot Cross Bunraiser

Hold an online Hot Cross Bunraiser to help those living in poverty this Easter.

As we approach Easter, why not get together as a family or online and enjoy some hot cross buns together.

Organise an online Hot Cross Bunraiser!

Organise an online Hot Cross Bunraiser!

Hot Cross Bunraiser Recipes

Try our amazing Hot Cross Bun recipes to put the fun into Easter and raise funds for CAFOD

How to organise your own online ‘Hot Cross Bunraiser’!

You’re holding an online Hot Cross Bunraiser! This is a great event for catching up with friends and raising funds to transform the lives of people overseas.

Here is a guide to setting up an online bunraiser event.

1. Get lots of people involved!

Find lots of friends and family to meet up with. Make sure everyone has got the tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. Maybe have a friendly bun-making contest as part of your get together. Try to get Fairtrade and/or organic drinks and ingredients where possible.

If you’re feeling competitive, run a ‘bake off’ - ask your bakers to enter a bun or cake to be judged.  People can donate as a way of voting for the different cakes!

2. Set up your event

Choose an online platform to host your event. Zoom, Google Meet and Houseparty are just some of the platforms that offer free group video calls where you can get together to enjoy tea, coffee and buns! You may be able to meet up in small groups outside.

Set up a JustGiving page for people to donate too. Don't be afraid to ask for donations, you'll be amazed at how generous people will be!

3. Promote your Bunraiser

Choose a time and date for your event. Ask your friends and family to join in and use social media to spread the word!

Promote your Bunraiser through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), and even the local press! Put a notice in your parish newsletter and encourage people to bring along friends and family. See our top 10 tips for more ideas on how to promote your event.

4. Get brewing and baking!

Choose your drinks and get baking! Share the recipes for any buns or cakes online, so that people can recreate their favourites. Ask for a donation for recipes which people use.

5. Hold your event

Perhaps talk about some examples of the kind of work that CAFOD is doing around the world to encourage people to give more. You could show a video from our YouTube Channel.

If you know a particularly accomplished baker, ask them to bake a large bun and auction it off whole - to be delivered after the lockdown if necessary!

6. Collect and pay in your donations

If you have used a JustGiving page the money will come directly to us. If you have cash, you can pay it in via the website.

If you have any questions, please email You can also use this address to let us know what you’ve been up to, and send us any pictures!

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