January 2020: Food crisis in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Churches throughout England and Wales are holding urgent parish collections this January for the Zimbabwe and Zambia food crisis.

You can order posters and emergency collection envelopes from the CAFOD shop. Or, you can request a contactless donation device by emailing contactless@cafod.org.uk

Emergency food and aid distribution in Zimbabwe

Emergency food and aid distribution in Zimbabwe

Could you plan a fundraising event, prayer vigil or hold a collection in your local community? Download one of our event toolkits or follow the advice below for collecting outside church.

Emergency collection tips:

  • Contact your local CAFOD office to see if they can help out with collection tins and stickers. Make sure you label whatever you use for your collection with ‘CAFOD’, ‘Zimbabwe and Zambia Food Crisis’ and use our charity number 1160384.
  • Getting the right permissions is really important. If you’d like to collect in a public place, contact your local council for a street collection permit and ask if there is a way you can book a collection spot!
  • To collect in a supermarket or shopping centre, ask permission from the manager.
  • If you’re going between locations such as churches, get permission from owners as well as a street collection permit for when you’re walking between venues.
  • It can get chilly walking outside, so make sure everyone wraps up warm! Take flasks of hot drinks and some snacks like mince pies to keep everyone going.
  • Stay safe - please don’t go collecting door to door.
  • Please don’t ask anyone under the age of 16 to collect donations as this isn’t legal.
  • If you’d like more advice, or support with writing a risk assessment, check our health and safety pages or get in touch with your local volunteer centre.

More ways to fundraise

There are many ways you can fundraise for CAFOD's work in your parish from the long-term commitment of becoming a Hands On parish to fundraising towards a World Gift, even hosting a soup lunch on Family Fast Day, the possibilities are endless!

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