Contactless device FAQs

Fundraise for CAFOD in your parish with a contactless device. Read our FAQs for information about how to order, set up, and use the devices.

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Ordering the device

Thank you for your interest in using a contactless device to fundraise for CAFOD. Read on to find out how you can order the device. 

How can I order a Goodbox?

Please email with the name of your parish and the address you would like the Goodbox contactless device to be sent to.

We will send it to you in time for weekend Masses on the 10 and 11 October.

Can the device be borrowed for a whole week?

The machines are leased for a week, so it’s not a problem to keep a device for a whole week.

Keeping a machine for two weekends will be twice the cost, but we can consider this option if it works best for a parish.

How many machines are available per parish?

We have sent two devices to parishes with large congregations, especially if the exits are very busy after Mass, but if social distancing measures are still in place in October, we’d urge you to consider whether more than one would be needed.

Setting up the device

Your contactless device has arrived! Read on to find out how to set it up. 

How do I switch the device on?

Watch this video to learn how to use the device. It is very straightforward. 

When you switch it on you will see the CAFOD Harvest Appeal imagery. It is set to a £5 donation suggestion. You can change this.

Does it need internet or phone signal?

The device doesn’t need to be connected to the internet, they work like phones and will just (ideally) need signal, so long as your mobile phone works where the device is then it will all be fine. 

Using the device

There are several things to take into consideration to make sure that you, the parishioners, and the contactless device are all kept safe!

Does the device need to be supervised at the back of the Church at all times?

Although risk of theft is low, if there’s no opportunity for anyone to use the machine (such as during Mass) then we’d recommend keeping it within sight. They are not designed to be left alone for long periods and should time out if left idle!

The Goodbox is quite intuitive, but we’d recommend supervising donations being made so that you can answer any questions, prompt donors on how to give more or less, say a personal thank you and wipe down the screen if the donation amount is being changed.

How can I keep the device clean and safe for me and donors?

Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the Goodbox and its packaging.

You can clean the device itself with a chlorine based bleach or sanitizer on a soft cloth or a disinfectant wipe. The Goodbox can tolerate liquid cleaning, but please take care around the ports.

In your parish, it may be advisable to have a pack of disinfectant wipes handy so that you can clean the device screen if someone has altered the donation amount. If a donor would like to give more than £5, they may prefer to give in multiples of £5 rather than touch the screen!

How do I send the device back?

We had feedback at Lent that courier pick up was not a convenient option for the volunteers who used the Goodboxes, so we are working on a simpler solution for Harvest, with a prepaid label and bag.  

Costs and donations

Read on to find out about how your donation makes its way to CAFOD, and the costs incurred. 

What are the costs involved?

There is a 2% transactional charge (as there usually is with any form of card payment) but because the donations come directly to CAFOD, this saves on processing costs.

The Goodboxes cost £36 per week to hire and we’ve chosen to hire the boxes for this Harvest as this is the most flexible and cost effective way of us trialling this payment option.

How does CAFOD get the donations?

The devices are all set up to come straight to our CAFOD bank account making them nice and secure.

We can supply you with your own report afterwards should you wish to see some of this detail. Please email after Harvest to receive this.

As you will be aware with all bank transactions, they are completely anonymous, they do not collect personal data. We will only be able to see the date, time and the amount of the transaction.

How do we claim Gift Aid?

We can’t claim Gift Aid through these devices, but alternative contactless solutions that include Gift Aid sign up aren’t truly contactless (they involve entering information on a screen) so aren’t suitable for this Harvest.

Contactless is a great solution for members of your parish congregation that may not carry cash and could forget to donate online, so even without Gift Aid, a contactless donation from them in their parish is fantastic!


Are people's card details secure if the device gets stolen?

Yes – theft is actually very low risk as although these machines are valuable to us, there is nothing a thief can do with them except donate to CAFOD! 
The machine doesn’t store any details itself, so these are secure even if it is lost or stolen.

Does the parish need to agree to terms and conditions for hire?

Parishes do not need to sign anything – CAFOD is hiring these devices on behalf of volunteers, so there’s no personal risk.

Instructional videos

Further short instructional videos are available from Goodbox here.


“The people who used the new card reader liked it a lot - I think because it gives the big, "thank you" at the end. We found the reader extremely easy to use as well.” 


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