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Fundraise for CAFOD in your parish with a Zettle contactless device (free to order!). Read our FAQs for information about how to order, set up and use the devices.

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Order a Zettle device today to hold a contactless collection in your parish.

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FAQs and further help

If you have problems setting up your account or device, please read through our frequently asked questions below and contact your Community Participation Coordinator or if you need any further advice.

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Ordering the device

How can I order a contactless device?

You can order your contactless device by filling in our online form. If you have any problems placing your order, please email

I've ordered a device, what happens next?

You will receive an email when we have processed your order and then you will receive a Zettle device for CAFOD collections in your parish within 10 working days.

You will also receive an ‘activation e-mail’ from Zettle. This e-mail will prompt you to enter the e-mail address used to request your device and to then set a password. These log-in details will then be used to sign into the Zettle app. Activating your account is a very quick process but needs to be completed before the Zettle app is downloaded to a mobile phone.

How many machines are available per parish?

If your parish has a large congregation, you can order two devices, especially if the exits are very busy after Mass. However, as covid is still circulating, we would ask you to consider safe social distancing measures when collecting donations.

Each person who holds a device will need their own Zettle account and log-in details and will need to download the Zettle app to their mobile phone. For legal and security reasons, log-in details should not be shared.

Can I keep the device after holding a collection?

Yes, and your local CAFOD representative will be in touch to find out how things went.

It is hoped that parishes will hold onto their contactless device and use these to support CAFOD at any future fundraising events, Family Fast Days and World Gift Sales.

CAFOD is designing a process for using a contactless device when an emergency appeal is launched. More information will soon be made available.

If you'd prefer to return your device to us please e-mail

Can parishes keep CAFOD contactless devices and use them for their own parish collections?

No, this is not possible. As the contactless devices belong to CAFOD, they can only be used for CAFOD-related business.

Set up

My Zettle contactless device has arrived with a power cable but not a plug. Should I have received a plug?

No, Zettle do not provide a plug – this is similar to many new electronic devices that you can purchase. You can charge the Zettle device by connecting the reader and power cable to a computer/laptop or directly into a USB wall socket. It might take a few hours for a full charge.

Do I need to download an app to work with the contactless machine?

Yes, to set up the device to take donations, you’ll need to download an app to a smartphone. There is a ‘Products’ page that features standard donation amounts that parishioners may wish to make. When accepting a donation, confirm the amount with the parishioner and select that amount on the app.

We've written out detailed instructions on how to download the app and link it with the Zettle device. We'll send your log in details for the app to the email address you've given us when you placed your order.

Do I need to be with the device to collect donations?

Yes, the device works through bluetooth, so will only work if someone is nearby and enabling donation amounts through the app.

We recommend that you try not to leave the device unattended in case somebody wants to donate! But they can be left at the back of church during Mass if needed.

My app is taking a while to download.

It can take time to download the app depending on the age/style of mobile phone you are using. It may take quite a few moments. Please be patient and do not worry!

I've installed the app and used the device before, but now the app isn't working.

The best course of action is to try un-installing and then re-installing the Zettle app on your mobile phone. Once you have done so, open the app and see if you can then re-sign into your account. Please e-mail if you still have problems.

Using the device

Do we need WiFi to take donations?

No. Accepting payments with the Zettle Go app can use WiFi if available, but will also work through your phone's connection to a 3G or 4G network.

Using the app only uses a few kilobytes of data and the Zettle machine links to the app on your phone through Bluetooth.

How can I keep the device clean and safe for me and donors?

Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the contactless machine and its packaging.

There is no need for donors to touch the device itself, as the donation amount can be set for each person using the app, unless they want to make a donation of more than £45.

If anyone does touch the machine, you can clean the device itself with sanitizer on a soft cloth or a disinfectant wipe. It may be advisable to have some sanitizer and wipes to hand during the collection.

Can a mobile phone with a pre-loaded/registered bank card be used with a Zettle device?

Yes, this should be possible as you can pay using a mobile and Google/Apple Pay (or others) in any place that you can use contactless, as they work using the same technology.

Do I need to update the ‘Products’ page of the Zettle app for taking donations?

No, you should not have to update this section of the Zettle app in any way. If, however, there are any concerns that the products page has not updated (for example when CAFOD launches an emergency appeal), this could be because your phone is ‘remembering’ previous product data. To refresh the data, you will need to clear out the cache memory of the Zettle app. Help to do this can be found in relevant mobile phone manuals.

If a volunteer is no longer available to operate an existing parish contactless device, does the card reader need to be ‘re-set’?

No. If an existing Zettle card reader is going to be passed to a new volunteer in a parish, that person will need their own account and log-in for the Zettle app. Please e-mail for further assistance. 

Can a parish share one Zettle device between different volunteers?

Yes – one device can be shared around different parish volunteers. However, each person will need their own Zettle account and log-in details using an e-mail address that is unique to them. This could be the parish e-mail (if the volunteer is the recognised user of this e-mail address) or a personal or newly set up e-mail address such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Each volunteer also needs to download the Zettle app to their mobile phone. For legal and security reasons, log-in details should not be shared.

A Zettle card reader can only physically connect to one mobile phone (with the Zettle app downloaded), at any one time.

Can one volunteer use one Zettle device to take collections in two different parishes?

Yes. The volunteer would need two separate Zettle accounts (with different e-mail addresses) to do so. One account would need to be set-up in the name of “Parish A” and the second in the name of “Parish B”. The volunteer will then be responsible for ensuring they sign in on the Zettle app and use the correct account name for the parish they are visiting and taking donations for.

Can I use a contactless device to take donations for a one-off parish fundraising event for CAFOD?

Yes. To facilitate donations for a fundraising event you can use the Product amount buttons in the Zettle app, and the donations will be attributed to the main, current campaign being run by CAFOD (for example Fast Day or an emergency appeal).

Or you can use the ‘Amount’ option. By doing so, donations will simply go into CAFOD general funds and will not be allocated against a set campaign. To use this option, open the Zettle app on the Products page, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the Products title and click on ‘Amount’. Type in the amount a person wishes to donate and complete the transaction in the same way that you would for a Products donation.

Costs and donations

What are the costs involved?

There is a small transactional charge (as there usually is with any form of card payment) but because the donations come directly to CAFOD, this saves on processing costs.

How does CAFOD get the donations?

The devices are all set up to come straight to our CAFOD bank account making them nice and secure.

Your unique log in details mean we can supply you with a total for your parish, so please email once you have held your collection to receive this.

As you will be aware with all bank transactions, they are completely anonymous, they do not collect personal data. We will only be able to see the date, time and the amount of the transaction.

How do we claim Gift Aid?

We can’t claim Gift Aid through these devices, but alternative contactless solutions that include Gift Aid sign up aren’t truly contactless (they involve entering information on a screen).

Contactless is a great solution for members of your parish congregation that may not carry cash and could forget to donate online, so even without Gift Aid, a contactless donation from them in their parish is fantastic!

How will a donation to CAFOD show up on a bank account?

Donations received by CAFOD will show as:   IZ *CAFOD LONDON

Is my data safe?

Yes. All donations are anonymous, and come directly to CAFOD meaning that they are nice and secure.

My parish have other questions about the iZettle device, where can I get more information?

Please visit the iZettle site for information on fraud prevention and how iZettle confirm the identity of its users.

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If you have any questions or problems regarding the Zettle contactless device, please email


"During these current times, it is very useful to have another option of making donations without handling cash. The contactless device is so simple to use and literally takes a few seconds to process the payment."

St Theodore's Hampton

"It was fantastic. Very easy to set up and then to use. Also good for people coming into church (I got everyone coming in as I was on the registration desk!) and the menu of things you could buy was great too. It was nice to have a choice of that and personal amounts, although everyone went for putting in their own amounts."

Woolhampton parish

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