Contactless device FAQs

Fundraise for CAFOD in your parish with an iZettle contactless device. Read our FAQs for information about how to order, set up, and use the devices.

We are currently processing and sending all contactless orders to ensure you receive them in time for Fast Day this Friday.

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Order an iZettle device today to hold a contactless collection in your parish

Ordering the device

How can I order a contactless device?

We are currently not accepting any new orders. If you have ordered a device for this coming Family Fast Day, please bear with us as we are currently processing and sending out orders.

Can the device be borrowed for a whole week?

You will be able to keep a device we send you for at least a week.

After Fast Day, your local CAFOD representative will be in touch to find out how things went. You will either be able to return your device to us, or arrange to keep it for future Fast Day collections and World Gifts sales.

How many machines are available per parish?

Please place your order here to receive one iZettle device for your Harvest collection.

If your parish has a large congregation, you can use the online form to order two devices, especially if the exits are very busy after Mass. However as social distancing measures are still in place we’d also urge you to consider whether more than one would really be needed.

Using the device

Do we need WiFi to take donations?

No. Accepting payments with the iZettle Go app can use WiFi is available, but will also work through your phone's connection to a 3G or 4G network.

Using the app only uses a few kilobytes of data and the iZettle machine links to the app on your phone through Bluetooth.

Do I need to download an app to work with the contactless machine?

Yes, to set up the device to take donations, you’ll need to download an app to a smartphone (or tablet if your church has WiFi). Parishioners making a donation will tell you how much they wish to donate and you can select that amount on the app.

We've written out detailed instructions on how to download the app and link it with the iZettle device. We'll send your log in details for the app to the email address you've given us when you placed your order.

Does the device need to be supervised at the back of the Church at all times?

Yes, the device will only work if someone is nearby and enabling donation amounts through the app.

How can I keep the device clean and safe for me and donors?

Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the contactless machine and its packaging.

There is no need for donors to touch the device itself, as the donation amount can be set for each person using the app, unless they want to make a donation of more than £45.

If anyone does touch the machine, you can clean the device itself with sanitizer on a soft cloth or a disinfectant wipe. It may be advisable to have some sanitizer and wipes to hand during the collection.

Is my data safe?

Yes. All donations are anonymous, and come directly to CAFOD meaning that they are nice and secure. 

Costs and donations

Read on to find out about how your donation makes its way to CAFOD, and the costs incurred. 

What are the costs involved?

There is a small transactional charge (as there usually is with any form of card payment) but because the donations come directly to CAFOD, this saves on processing costs.

We are in the process of confirming prices per device from iZettle for the bulk order we are placing with them.

How does CAFOD get the donations?

The devices are all set up to come straight to our CAFOD bank account making them nice and secure.

Your unique log in details mean we can supply you with a total for your parish after Harvest, so please email once you have held your collection to receive this.

As you will be aware with all bank transactions, they are completely anonymous, they do not collect personal data. We will only be able to see the date, time and the amount of the transaction.

How do we claim Gift Aid?

We can’t claim Gift Aid through these devices, but alternative contactless solutions that include Gift Aid sign up aren’t truly contactless (they involve entering information on a screen) so aren’t suitable for this Harvest.

Contactless is a great solution for members of your parish congregation that may not carry cash and could forget to donate online, so even without Gift Aid, a contactless donation from them in their parish is fantastic!

How-to guide

Use our step-by-step guide to learn how the iZettle contactless device works.

Download the guide

A guide to logging into iZettle


“The people who used the new card reader liked it a lot - I think because it gives the big, "thank you" at the end. We found the reader extremely easy to use as well.” 


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