Introducing our current project: Hands On: Magdalena Medio

For over 50 years, Colombia has suffered so much. More than 280,000 people have been killed in the conflict; many of these children. People living in the Magdalena Medio region are tired of being caught between government forces, guerrillas and paramilitaries.

Help to equip and empower ordinary people leading extraordinary lives in Colombia, by fundraising as a parish community. 

Fundraise to help make peace a reality

Sign up to Hands On and over the next three years your parish will follow the Magdalena Media community as they transform their lives through peace building activities. You will see how your parish donations are making a real difference in Colombia through the project updates that you will receive 3 times a year.

The project will begin by running peace building workshops in 34 schools, teaching young people how to avoid a life of violence. They will be taught how to share all they have learnt with their families and neighbours. Together, with your help, we aim to reach 5,000 people in total.

How Hands On works

Our Hands On programme allows your parish to support a community as they undertake a three year project and lets you follow their progress throughout. Your parish donations directly fund the Hands On programme and are therefore essential to make each project work. When, after three years, a project is successfully completed, your parish will be sent a new welcome pack that introduces you to a new community and their project.

Get creative with your parish fundraising by visiting our A- Z of fundraising ideas!

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