Text Giving FAQs

Donate to CAFOD using Text Giving. 

If you would like more information, please read our frequently asked questions below.

About Text Giving

Thank you for your interest in donating to CAFOD via Text Giving. Text Giving is a quick and easy way of giving a gift to CAFOD.

How does Text Giving work?

Using Text Giving is easy! All you need is your mobile phone – no credit cards or bank transfers are involved. Your donation will then be added on to your phone bill.

We have partnered with Donr, a Text Giving service provider to launch this.

How much will I be charged?

For each text you send, you will be charged the amount stated plus your standard network charge. You can text more than once to donate more, but there is a £30 limit per mobile number per day.

How will my donation appear in my phone bill?

We work with Donr, a Text Giving service provider, to enable donations to CAFOD via text.

In most cases, your donation will show up on your phone bill as ‘donr.com’. However, this can differ on occasion depending on how your mobile network operator presents their documents. Occasionally, your donation may show up as ‘DonateToday’ which is what Donr was formerly called.

What data will be collected from me?

By texting you will be opting in for further communications. This means that we will be able to use your mobile number to send you further information about how your donation has helped us to reach the most vulnerable people around the world.

If you would like to opt out of further communications, but still want to donate, then you can text the same number and add 'NOINFO' at the end of the keyword. For example, texting 'CAFODNOINFO' would opt you out of any further communications with us. 

Donating to CAFOD using Text Giving

Read on to find out about donating using Text Giving. 

Can I donate more than the set amount?

Each text you send will donate the set amount to CAFOD. To donate more, you can text more than once, but there is a £30 limit per mobile number per day.

Can I set up a monthly donation to CAFOD using Text Giving?

At this time we aren’t accepting monthly donations via text, but this might change in the future! If you would like to set up a regular gift to the coronavirus appeal, you can do so here.  

Can I GiftAid my donation?

Yes! After you have made your donation, you will receive a ‘thank you’ text which will give you the option to make a Gift Aid declaration via a web link.

Costs and donations

Read on to find out about how your donation makes its way to CAFOD, and the costs incurred.

What are the costs involved?

Donr charges a 5% transactional fee (which is standard for any form of transaction) per donation. Any Gift Aid claim that is made on top of this isn’t subject to a transactional fee.

How does CAFOD get the donations?

Donr sends all donations straight into our CAFOD bank account, meaning they are nice and secure.

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