Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Join Team CAFOD for the Captain Tom 100 Challenge from Friday 30 April to Monday 3 May 2021.

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Captain Tom 100 - Do it your way

Be part of the legacy - join the challenge

Friday 30 April 2021 would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday. Last year Captain Sir Tom Moore completed 100 laps of his garden and raised millions for NHS charities, and now his family are asking people to honour his legacy of hope and raise funds for charities close to their hearts.

CAFOD is proud to be inviting our supporters to take on the Captain Tom 100 Challenge. All you need to do is dream up a challenge based around the number 100 and do it at any time and anywhere over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend – starting on Friday 30 April through to Monday 3 May. 

Help carry on Sir Tom’s legacy: join friends and family and dream up your own ‘100 challenge’ for CAFOD! Be safe and have fun, and please respect social distancing and government coronavirus guidelines.

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What will be your 100 Challenge?

Do it your way! Some of our favourites ideas are:

  • swimming 100 metres
  • scoring 100 goals
  • baking and selling 100 cakes
  • 100-minute bike ride
  • 100 questions family quiz
  • 100 laps around your local park
  • building 100 sandcastles
  • 100 squats or press-ups
  • 100 tennis volleys
  • 100-minute non-stop dancing
  • 100-minute poetry recital

Keep in touch

Tell us about your 100 Challenge! If you would like to share any pictures or stories, please email or tag @CAFOD on social media.

Captain Tom 100 - Do it your way

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