Walk Against Hunger

Walk Against Hunger is the only Lent challenge you need: 5km a day, 200km throughout Lent - done your way. Every day. For 40 days.

Go the distance and help to end malnutrition.

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Why walk against hunger?

We are walking to stamp out hunger. You'll be helping children like Lombeh

Lombeh, the third child of Amie and Borbor, was malnourished. She was so tiny that a bracelet her mother Amie bought for her at the time now fits round her thumb. Amie and Borbor left no stone unturned to find help, but to no avail. Amie saw a group of new mothers coming along the road, their babies all healthy, and asked where they had come from. They told her about the Sisters. Amie went straight there. Even though they feared there was no hope for little Lombeh, they gave her benny mix – a local weaning food. Lombeh immediately began to improve. Now, aged five, Lombeh is a lively and energetic little girl, who can’t believe the stories her mother tells her about when she was a baby.

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