Fundraise for a World Gift

Get together with your parish, school, friends and family to fundraise for a World Gift and show support for our sisters and brothers around the world.

Find a gift to give as a group

Health clinic

The health clinic World Gift can keep a remote clinic stocked with medicines, medical equipment and even petrol for the clinic ambulance.

Christmas is a time of giving. We give to each other, and remember Jesus - the greatest gift of all. We can do that in lots of ways, and one of those is CAFOD’s range of ethical charity gifts called World Gifts.

The gift you choose will make a real difference to a family living in poverty.

"We have a tradition built up over the last 12 years or so of asking all parishioners to save up their 5p coins and contribute towards World Gifts every Advent [...] This year of course, it’s all very different. But we’re embracing all the possibilities of technology and have a JustGiving site all set up so parishioners can contribute the equivalent of their coins to buy 100 gifts of weatherproof crops."

Phil Simpson, St Mary’s Church in Harborne

How to buy a group gift in your parish, school or with friends

Each World Gift you buy is a very real example of CAFOD’s work. If you’d like to follow the example of St Mary’s, follow the simple guide below:

1. Browse from a selection of suggested group gifts

Marvellous moo cow World Gift

A marvellous moo cow

You might like to buy a large gift like a Health clinic for £4,000. If that isn’t right for you, you could aim for lots of smaller gifts, such as a herd of 10 Goats that give, which would be £280.

Or you could provide a family with a Marvellous moo cow! This udderly fantastic gift will provide milk and help to plough farmland, and the family will receive training on how to care for their locally-sourced animal too.

Choose your group gift

2. Start fundraising

Set up a JustGiving page to make it easy to fundraise as a group and invite people to donate towards the gift you have chosen.

Start fundraising on JustGiving

3. Encourage donations by holding an event

In order to encourage donations, how about setting up an online event? There is loads you can do around Christmas!

You could organise an online carol service or a mince pies and mulled wine fundraiser to encourage people to donate towards your World Gift.

A Christmas quiz or walking challenge might be fun - there are loads of ideas like this and more in our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas

Thank you!

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have lots of fun and manage to spread lots of Christmas cheer in your community as you spread joy and hope to our sisters and brothers overseas.

Don’t forget to promote your fundraising and let people who are supporting your efforts know how your fundraising is going by adding updates to your JustGiving page. Remember to tag CAFOD in any photos that you share on social media too so we can follow you too!

Of course, you can purchase World Gifts on your own or on behalf of your parish if you prefer. Just head straight to the World Gifts website to browse our full range of gifts.

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