Advent Appeal

Two grandmothers who are part of CAFOD's Advent appeal

Advent appeal: Watfa and her friend in a refugee camp in Lebanon

Watfa is 70. She lived in her home in Syria. But one night she was woken by the sound of bombs dropping on her town. She explains: 

"We were trapped by aeroplanes...they were bombing us. They were bombing our children. When we ran through the streets, we could see children dying."  

Watfa along with her friend Sahara, were forced to flee from their homes. All they were able to take with them were their identity papers, and something to wear. They travelled for 12 days, mostly on foot until they reached a refugee camp in Lebanon. 

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Your gift to the CAFOD Advent Appeal can help people on the road to recovery

"Therefore, as we fix our gaze on the Holy Family of Nazareth as they were forced to become refugees, let us think of the tragedy of those migrants and refugees who are victims of rejection"

Pope Francis

With CAFOD’s support, our partners are working with refugees like Watfa and Sahara to help them rebuild their lives, providing vital medicine or language lessons. For parents your support could help them access training, which will help them find work. And, for children who have lost friends and family, they will be able to access trauma counselling.  

Whatever you are able to give this advent, your donation will be used to support our work across the world, transforming lives.

Donate to the Advent Appeal now

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