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Amina with her child in a refugee camp

Amina with her child

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During Advent, we are reminded of how the Holy Family, after Christ’s birth, were forced to flee to Egypt. It is in their flight that we can see the plight of millions of refugees today, who run for their lives.

Amina is one of those refugees. She was forced to flee from her home, with her young family. Walking countless miles by day, sleeping at night in the bush, exposed to rain, hungry and fearful for the safety of her children.

When Amina and other refugees arrived in the camp, they were dehydrated, sick and frightened. They only had rainwater to drink on their journey. They couldn’t wash or stay clean.

Due to our global network of local experts working across the world, we were on the ground, and gave Amina and her neighbours clean, safe water to drink and wash with and dignity kits, when they reached the camp.

We are one of the very few organisations that is helping people like Amina, in this area. We are often able to reach places that others can’t and know about problems long before even our newspapers do.

You could bring hope to a refugee this Advent

Your donation this Advent could reach out to people around the world like Amina who want to give their family a new life, living in peace. You could help to give them counselling to come to terms with the experiences they have faced. And you could give them the skills, tools and knowledge to make a new life for themselves, healthy and free from harm.

Donate to our Advent appeal today

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