Advent Appeal for Emergencies

Help families affected by emergencies this Advent. War, persecution and natural disasters shatter lives. You can save lives and provide shelter, food and water in times of emergency. 

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No room at the inn

The conflict in Syria forced Majid and his family to flee their hometown in fear of their lives. Their long journey to find somewhere safe to stay was unimaginable. 

Dana, Majid’s wife, told us “we only feared that a missile might fall on our heads”. 

They eventually found shelter - a single room in a disused shop. Majid took on jobs wherever he could, but he still struggled to earn enough to pay the rent. 

With your donation this Advent, we can provide hope and comfort to families who are facing the worst disasters and emergencies, supporting them as they rebuild their lives. 

Give Now 

Our local experts gave Majid money to pay eight months’ worth of rent. His family will have a roof over their heads this Christmas. Our global Church network enables us to reach people who need help, even in the most dangerous places.  

Across the world countless families are driven from their homes by emergencies - war, persecution and natural disasters. As many as 30 people every minute are made homeless. Our experts are on the ground helping these women, men and children - but we can only do that with your support.  

Give hope and comfort this Advent 

By donating today you will help families facing emergencies and disasters. Your gift could provide them safe shelter, just as the Holy Family found shelter in their hour of need.  

Donate to our Advent Appeal

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