Advent Appeal 2020

This Advent you can help share comfort and joy with families like Saba’s around the world. 

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When Saba's husband was abducted, she knew she had to get her children to safety. Saba and her children fled their home in Myanmar three years ago to escape horrific violence. They were targeted just because of their ethnicity. 

They fled in secret, travelling on foot through the forest for days until they reached a refugee camp in Bangladesh. 

Thankfully, when the family arrived, exhausted from their harrowing journey, local experts from our Church network were there to help.  

With your support this Advent our local experts can reach more families like Saba’s around the world.  

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A shelter to feel safe in

Saba was given a shelter kit including essential materials to build a place to live. The materials Saba received were very simple - bamboo, tarpaulin and rope, that sort of thing - but to Saba they meant much more. They meant she could build a home her children could feel safe in.  

"This shelter is my treasure. Now we can live in peace."


This Advent, help those who have been affected by coronavirus

A place to live has always been one of the most basic human needs. But the coronavirus crisis has made many of us more grateful for our homes than ever – we’ve come to cherish that feeling of comfort and joy, of being safe and secure. 

Saba has also felt the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Like us, she and her family have faced the challenges of social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown. And in a camp that is, metre for metre, 10 times as crowded as London, the pandemic has only made having a shelter of your own all the more vital. 

As coronavirus is making life more difficult for people all over the world, please donate today and reach out to more families like Saba’s. 

What your donation could buy

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