Advent Appeal 2019

This Advent you can provide comfort and hope to those in greatest need around the world. Your gift could support families with shelter so that they have somewhere safe to stay as they build their future.    

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No room at the inn

The conflict in Syria forced Majid and his family to flee their hometown in fear of their lives.  

They spent days walking through the desert, without food or water and in constant fear that a missile might fall on their heads. They eventually reached a town far enough away from the fighting. But with so many other families fleeing the violence, the demand for housing is high and so is the price of rent.

After some time, they found shelter - a single room in a disused shop. Majid took on jobs wherever he could, but he still struggled to earn enough to pay the rent. Sometimes they would go without food to save money for rent.

No one should have to choose between feeding their family and paying the rent. Your donation this Advent can provide families around the world with shelter and comfort. 

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Our local experts are working in the area to help the families most in need of shelter. They met Majid’s family and when they found out they were struggling to afford their simple home, they gave them money to help with the rent. Now they will have a roof over their heads this Christmas. Majid and Dana can focus on working and looking after their family, their children can focus on school and the brighter future ahead.  

Across the world so many families are affected by war, hunger, poverty or lack of jobs. Our global Church network enables us to reach these people. Our experts on the ground provide practical support such as shelter, clean water, training or supplies like washing powder. 

We can help more families like Majid’s - but only with your support. 

Give hope and comfort this Advent

By donating today, you will help families around the world as they rebuild their lives. Your gift could provide safe shelter, clean water or supplies like washing powder.

Donate to our Advent Appeal 

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