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Doko stands near her home

Doko stands near her home.

Will you help people in the poorest communities transform their lives?

Today, Doko is forced to drink water that makes her sick. Tomorrow will be the same. One day, it could kill her. People in communities like Doko’s experience this every day. But Doko’s community wants this to change.

Please will you donate now and support communities like Doko’s in Kenya and around the world to transform their lives?

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Doko tries to make the water clean

Doko tries to make the water clean.

“I want to live the same life as you. I want to be able to drink water. I don’t think it’s fair. We need clean water to drink.” Doko

Our team of experts have already installed four water pumps in villages across Kenya. However, we urgently need to reach out to more people like Doko who live in remote villages. Your support can change Doko's life.

Because of our network of experts, we have water engineers, mechanics and builders, teachers and nurses ready to help wherever the need is the greatest – be it water, food, health, education a home or a job. What’s missing is crucial funds. Your donation today will be put to work right away – reaching those most in need. 

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