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Fairytale endings aren't real, are they? When Edelmira and Martir in El Salvador bought some special, 'golden' seeds, they thought they would change everything. And they did. But not in the way you'd expect.

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The seeds that grew the golden harvest?

Imagine this. You live on a beautiful mountainside. You have a farm. It's everything to you - your harvest will feed your family, you will sell some of it to buy medicine, you might give some in exchange for clothes for your children. It will also give you the seeds you need to grow crops again next year.

So when you are offered special golden seeds that will give you a bigger, better crop that is more beautiful than any before, you are so happy.

You plant your fields with these new seeds. And buy the special feed to make them grow better. And then the special pesticide to keep the bugs away.

The rains come, as expected. And, as can happen, they continue. For weeks.

The beautiful golden crop bends and breaks and rots in the field before your eyes.

This nightmare isn’t a fairytale.

Harvest time became a nightmare in El Salvador

It was the reality for Edelmira and Martir in El Salvador.

The family invested so much, only for their crop to rot in the field because it couldn’t cope with the rain.

They were saved, not by a new high-tech seed. But by the seeds that came from their ancestors.

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How you helped save the harvest

CAFOD's partner in the area knew about the problems with the golden seeds. Their experts knew of native seeds that wouldn't have the same issues. The corn from this seed isn't golden. But it is strong. It can stand up when the rains continue for months. It can withstand the hot tropical sun.

It is an unlikely hero, but it will give Edelmira food to feed her children, money to buy them medicine – a future for her family.

These seeds were given to people like Edelmira, as well as training on how to make her own fertiliser and natural pesticides. Such work is not possible without your generous donations at Harvest. You helped Edelmira. Will you help more farmers grow a crop that can support their family?

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