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Trigger Warning: This page contains references to sexual violence

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Trying to heal from emotional and physical trauma when isolated is next to impossible. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, CAFOD funds the Olame Centre, which supports women who have survived sexual violence with counselling and training. 

Mapendo's Story

Mapendo and her youngest child

Mapendo is being supported by the Olame Centre in the DRC

Mapendo is a brave and resilient mother living in the DRC, she tells us her story:

I was 18 when I was raped. There was shouting and knocking on our door. We opened it to a group of men. I was very scared because they were very well armed. They took us to the forest and raped us.

After, several people pointed fingers saying we are traitors. It was shameful. I felt isolated and unable to go out of the house or talk to people about what I had experienced.

I got help from the Olame Centre. We needed peace. They gave me some money to start farming and raising a goat and rabbits. I received health cards to help with the medical care of my children. The Olame Centre supports my daughter's studies.


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Alongside counselling and medical support, Mapendo made use of the Olame Centre's 'listening rooms'. These are safe spaces for women who have survived sexual violence, to tell their stories, to be listened to, and begin to heal in communion with others. You can be the one that listens today, with your support we can reach out to more people like Mapendo around the world- because no one should be beyond the reach of love. 

What your donation can buy

If you've been affected by anything you have read you can contact Rape Crisis on 0808 802 9999

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