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Please donate to our Lent Appeal to help children suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

Our next Lent Family Fast Day will be on Friday 15 March 2019.

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This Lent, your generosity will give vital support to the communities we work with around the world.

Mahinur, her disabled husband and 12-year-old son, are an example of a family that we hope to reach thanks to the Lent appeal. Mahinur’s family live in Bangladesh, where floods, droughts, and cyclones have damaged crops, homes, health and income.

Mahinur fishing in a river in Bangladesh

Help Mahinur fish this Lent

Mahinur usually catches fish to sell but since the local river dried up in May 2018, there are no fish to catch. Mahinur told us: “There should be fish in the river now. It's the right time of year. But there's nothing.” 

Mahinur cooks and cleans in neighbours’ homes for a bit of cash but it’s never enough. There are days the family have nothing to eat.

Our local expert, Jamal, has already helped a few families in Mahinur’s village - teaching them new farming techniques, and distributing seeds, ducks and chickens. But sadly, there hasn’t been enough money available to help Mahinur.

You can change this today by supporting our Lent appeal and enable us to reach out to more families in desperate need of help.

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