CAFOD's Lent Appeal 2022

Life expectancy in Sierra Leone is among the lowest in the world and many people do not have access to education. Almost three-quarters of people live in poverty. 

Malnutrition is just one of the challenges that Sierra Leone is currently facing. It is not only related to food production but also access to existing food and natural resources.

But small acts of kindness make big things happen.

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Make big things happen this Lent

Amie and Mohamed are loving parents from Sierra Leone. When their daughter, Lombeh, was a baby she was severely malnourished. She was very small and dangerously unwell. Doctors told Amie and Mohamed that there was nothing they could do to save Lombeh.

With her love for her daughter, Amie never gave up. She met a group of women, young mothers like herself that told her about a specialist clinic, in walking distance, run by Sister Anthonia.

The women did not ignore Amie. Their small act of loving kindness – simply showing Amie where to go and who to visit – made a profound difference. 

Amie travelled with Lombeh to the CAFOD-funded clinic and spoke with Sister Anthonia. Sister Anthonia has decades of experience looking after new mothers and babies. She’s an expert in her field and, like the doctors, she didn’t think Lombeh would survive. But she was prepared to act in hope – a small act of kindness that had the potential to make a big difference – and help the child. She told Amie that the Sisters would do everything they possibly could. 

Amie, Lombeh, and Sister Anthonia

Amie, Lombeh, and Sister Anthonia

The Sisters taught Amie how to make a highly nutritious food paste from a traditional recipe – perfect for malnourished babies – and it helped Lombeh get better and grow.  She has now recovered and has grown into healthy young girl. Amie is also teaching the food-making techniques she learnt from the Sisters to other new mothers in her community.

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Will you help families like Amie’s?

While the world produces enough food to feed everybody, more and more people don’t have enough to eat. Your donation can turn into something wonderful in the hands of our local experts.

With your donations to our Lent appeal we can reach communities around the world and help them to grow and reach their full potential. In times of hunger, conflict or other challenges, our local experts – like Sister Anthonia – can make a real and lasting difference thanks to your support.

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