Self-watering Greenhouse Appeal

This greenhouse uses a solar powered pump to water the growing fruit and vegetables

Help us harness the power of the sun to save a family from hunger.

In many of the poorest regions of sub-Saharan Africa, rainfall is rare and unpredictable. Terrible food shortages have become all too familiar.

The only thing families can be certain of during these hard times is the relentless presence of the sun. Every day it beats down onto their land. Every day it makes it harder for them to grow crops to feed themselves.

The Self-Watering Greenhouse uses sunlight to water crops.

The solar powered greenhouse means families can grow healthy vegetables

If you give £10 today, you could help build a Self-Watering Greenhouse that uses solar power to grow fruit and vegetables even when there is no rain.

The system uses solar power to pump water from a nearby stream or well. This water then irrigates a special greenhouse made from polythene and netting.

It’s a brilliantly simple solution that makes use of the one thing there is plenty of in sub-Saharan Africa – sunlight. 

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