CAFOD's Singing to the Lions Appeal

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic children around the world are experiencing an increase in mental health problems. Whether that’s the stress and anxiety of living through uncertainty or the anger and pain of grief for a loved one who has died, children need the right support to help them confront and overcome these challenges. These challenges are the ‘Lions’ in a young person’s life.  

Through counselling group therapy and team building activities you can help people to ‘Sing’ - to confront their ‘Lions’.  

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Farisai's Story

Farisai is 14 years old and lives in Zimbabwe. Sadly, her mum died when she was young, so she was raised by her grandmother. During the pandemic, Farisai and her grandmother both became dangerously ill with coronavirus.

COVID meant that my grandmother could not find money to pay school fees, because she was sick. We did not have anyone to cook for us, or to look after us.


Farisai was dealing with more than any child should. Coping with grief and loneliness as a child is challenging enough, but she was also pulled away from vital support networks at school – her friends and teachers.  

By donating to CAFOD today you can support local experts to reach out to someone like Farisai. Farisai attended a Singing to the Lions workshop. Through counselling, group therapy and team building activities young people are confronting the ‘Lions’- the challenges in their lives.  

During the Singing to the Lions workshop I learnt that when I am angry, I should not get violent with other people or retaliate. I enjoyed being able to talk to Isabell (a social worker). I really enjoyed dancing to the music and singing – and having no troubles on my mind.


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Farisai attended a Singing to the Lions workshop funded by donations like yours. The workshops are run by our local experts, social workers like Isabell, who provide counselling, group therapy and team activities. Through our local experts, your donation can help even more people around the world, so everyone has the opportunity to learn how to recognise and confront the Lions in their lives, thrive and live with dignity.

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