Survival kits appeal

By donating to our appeal, you can help babies around the world

Children are vulnerable at the best of times.

Will you help them survive the worst of times?

Right now, millions of families have nowhere to call home.

Many of them have escaped devastating natural disasters, such as the earthquakes in Ecuador and Nepal. Many more are fleeing from conflict, as in Syria.

These families have lost almost everything. They are struggling to survive in temporary shelters or camps. They have little money, hardly any food and only a limited supply of water to survive the homeless months ahead.

In these emergency situations, everybody is vulnerable. So can you imagine how vulnerable the youngest children are – those who are not yet one year old?

A mother trying to care for a baby in these shelters and camps needs all the support she can get. Please will you help provide some of the essentials she needs to look after her baby by giving £10 today?

Give £10 and you could provide a baby kit for family who’ve fled their home.

If you give £10 to the CAFOD Emergency Fund today, you could help provide a baby kit that contains four vital items nappies, baby rash cream, baby soap, and baby wet-wipes.


Please donate to the CAFOD Emergency Fund today

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