Tippy Tap

These four simple items can help a family keep clean

1. An axe

2. A shovel

3. A jerrycan

4. Some string

These four items could save a child’s life.

We all know the importance of teaching our families to wash their hands to stop the spread of germs. But how many of us would think of this simple, everyday action as a matter of life and death?

Every day, distraught parents watch helplessly as their children die from diarrhoea. 1,000 deaths each day could be prevented if hand washing facilities were available.

By providing four simple items – an axe, a shovel, a jerrycan and some string – you could reduce the spread of deadly bacteria for a family almost overnight.

That’s because these four items can be used to make a life-saving Tippy Tap.

Hand washing using a tippy tap

A life-saving tippy tap

A Tippy Tap is a simple, foot-operated structure that allows a whole family to wash their hands in clean, running  water.

The Tippy Tap is hands-free, so bacteria are not spread by people touching a tap. It also uses very little of the family’s precious water.


How your gift could make a Tippy Tap

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