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CAFOD is one of the largest humanitarian aid networks in the world, with a local presence in 165 countries and territories. We firmly believe that no one should be beyond the reach of the love and support they need to transform their life. Because of our network of local experts, we have water engineers, mechanics and builders, teachers, nurses and priests ready to reach the poorest, most vulnerable and excluded people in our global family. Be it sanitation, clean water, food, health, education or a job, CAFOD goes wherever the need is greatest, regardless of race, gender, religion or ethnicity. What is missing is crucial funds. Your donation today will be put to work right away - to transform the lives of those most in need. 


Meet Nadim 

"When my cloth was soiled, I got scared" - Nadim

Today, Nadim is head of her school’s health club. When she isn’t supporting girls managing their periods, she can be found on the volleyball pitch, smiling with confidence. Sadly, this was not always the case.

"When my cloth was soiled, I got scared." - Nadim

Nadim did not know about periods. She was in class when she first started hers. Without a sanitary towel, her clothes were stained and the boys began to laugh. Filled with fear and shame, Nadim left school and did not return for a week, missing out on her education. 

Practical Solutions

Our local experts organise school health clubs so that children like Nadim can gain answers to topics that can still carry stigma, like periods. As well as explaining that periods are natural, we help to train girls and boys to make reusable sanitary towels so that girls are equipped and confident in managing their periods. The experience of shame is removed head-on, as a school community, with practical solutions.

“Today, I am not afraid or scared because whenever I go home or wherever I am, I know that I am secure” - Nadim 

Your donation could help us reach more girls like Nadim

Our network of local experts are ready to help wherever the need is greatest. Will you join and support us in our mission?


“Girls should not hate their bodies because periods are God given and they are natural” - Nadim

“Girls should not hate their bodies because periods are God given and they are natural” - Nadim

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