Will you respond to emergencies as they happen?

War, persecution and natural disasters shatter lives. You can save lives, provide shelter and emergency food and water wherever disaster strikes.

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Majid and his family

Majid and his family are just one example of how your donations help people in urgent need. The conflict in Syria forced Majid and his family to flee their hometown in fear of their lives. They spent days walking through the desert, without food or water.

Dana, Majid’s wife, told us “we only feared that a missile might fall on our heads.”

They eventually reached a town far enough away from the fighting. But with so many other families fleeing the violence the demand for housing is high and so is the price of rent.

After some time, they found shelter - a single room in a disused shop. Majid took on jobs wherever he could, but he still struggled to earn enough to pay the rent. Sometimes they would go without food to save money for rent.

No one should have to choose between feeding their family and paying the rent.

Our local experts were able to support Majid’s family with the rent - to keep a roof over their heads after everything they had been through. By setting up a monthly gift this Advent, you can provide comfort and hope to families like Majid’s - whose lives have been devastated by emergencies. You will support them with the essentials - shelter, water and food.

Why should you donate to the Emergency Response Team?

Emergency Response Team logo

Our Emergency Response Team reaches those facing their most desperate time of need.

Your monthly gift will fund our emergency work and directly contribute to our work on the ground when an emergency hits. Across the world countless families are driven from their homes by emergencies -war, persecution and natural disasters.

As many as 30 people every minute are made homeless. Our experts are on the ground helping these women, men and children - but we can only do that with your support.

What makes this team special?

  • We react quickly. Thanks to funds from Emergency Response Team donors, we get funding out where it is needed, as soon as it is needed.
  • We are on the ground. Our church network enables us to reach people who need help, even in the most dangerous places. In some parts of the world our local experts are the only ones who can reach people.
  • We are working on hidden emergencies. We work on emergencies that don’t make it into the media. For example, severe floods hit Myanmar in late 2015. We have helped more than 40,000 people, by providing food and safe drinking water, all thanks to Emergency Response Team donations.

Set up a monthly gift today

Monthly giving - your questions answered

How is a monthly gift different to a one-off gift?

Regular monthly donations and single gifts are both vital in our work to end poverty. All donations we receive mean we can reach the poorest communities and people who are most in need. They also mean we have essential funds ready for emergencies when they happen.

How much does monthly giving contribute to the total money raised for CAFOD?

Monthly giving is a significant and important part of our funding, with over £6 million donated regularly each year. It makes up nearly a quarter of the donations we receive from the Catholic community, which means it is one of our largest sources of funding.

Why are CAFOD asking for a monthly gift to support/fund their emergency response?

Large-scale emergencies can happen at any time. Natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones can devastate huge areas within hours. Monthly gifts allow us to always have money available to help as soon as a disaster strikes. As well as responding quickly, knowing how much money we will receive allows us to plan just how much we can support at the time of crisis. Without this money we simply wouldn’t be able to help to the extent we do.

As well as larger emergencies, we are responding throughout the year to emergency situations which never make the headlines. Be it smaller scale flooding, drought or political unrest endangering the lives of civilians or – people struggle to survive these situations in countries all over the world. With your monthly gifts we can ensure we have enough money to reach those whose voices aren’t always heard.

Why should you regularly support emergencies?

Emergency situations see people facing the most extreme challenges. They can lose their homes, their livelihoods, their source of food, clean water, access to health care, their loved ones. By setting up a Direct Debit to become part of our ‘Emergency Response Team’ to support our work monthly you are reaching those facing their most desperate time of need.

What if I need to change or cancel my monthly gift?

We understand that people’s situations can change. If you need to change your bank details, change the amount you are giving, or pause or cancel your Direct Debit, please call our Supporter Care team on 0303 303 3030. They’re available Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. Or email us on supportercare@cafod.org.uk (never send your card details via email).

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