Rebuild Lives Coronavirus Appeal

So many families around the world are facing uncertain futures because of coronavirus. Your continued support this Harvest will help families build futures they can look forward to.

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Asal's story

Asal, 32, is a mum of five. She was living with her husband in Afghanistan, when he caught coronavirus.  

“He was ill for four days and then he was taken to the hospital. I never saw him again.”


Asal’s husband died of coronavirus. This terrible virus left her two little girls and three boys without a father. Her husband was the main provider, so when he died she lost the simple comfort of knowing her children would have enough to eat each day. 

No mother should have to worry about her kids getting enough to eat, especially after such a terrible loss. With your support we can be there for even more people like Asal, as they rebuild their lives. 

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Pheng's story

Pheng lost her job in Thailand when the coronavirus pandemic began and was forced to return home to Cambodia. 

Our local experts have trained Pheng in rice farming, so she has an income to support her family. She tells us “I really love farming on my field and in my community”. 

What is CAFOD doing to help people like Asal and Pheng rebuild their lives?

Pheng takes part in the training programme

Pheng was given the chance to take part in a training programme, where she will be placed in charge of organic vegetables and will train others in her community in how to increase their rice farming.

Families in every country we work in have felt its impact. And for so many like Asal and Pheng, their lives will never be the same again.  

Your support means you can stand alongside families in love and friendship as they work to build futures they can look forward to. You can help people like Asal and Pheng to not only survive, but to rebuild their lives. 

Asal was determined to find a way to rebuild her life and thankfully she was not alone. She is a member of a self-help group funded by CAFOD to help women in the area build their skills and fulfil their potential. The group will be able to give Asal the training and support she needs to start her own business. 

“My only hope is the self-help group,” says Asal. “I am planning to request some chickens so I can start a small poultry farm. Through that I would be able to make enough to buy food and have some income in my life.” 

Your support will help families around the world as they rebuild their lives.

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