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Millions of lives are at stake as coronavirus hits refugee camps and places suffering conflict. Every step we take now will prevent deaths and reduce suffering.

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DEC Coronavirus Appeal

The coronavirus pandemic has meant millions of people in Syria are at risk from the virus and from overstretched health services.

How is coronavirus affecting vulnerable communities?

Families who have been forced to flee their homes and have lost everything in places like Syria, South Sudan and DR Congo are particularly vulnerable to the virus.

For countries that have had years of conflict, people will struggle to access healthcare. Lockdown in these countries means that many people will suffer a huge loss in income, pushing people further into poverty and putting millions at risk of hunger and malnutrition.

For refugees, such as the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, overcrowding and a lack of hygiene facilities in refugee camps means that the spread of the virus will be devastating.

What is CAFOD doing to help people survive the coronavirus crisis?

We have joined forces with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to scale up our response, ensuring that no one is beyond reach of the aid they need to survive.

Our valuable experts on the ground understand the challenges and needs in their respective communities. They are able to respond quickly and are already involved in activities that include:

Delivering food to where it is needed most.

  • Improving hygiene, handwashing and sanitation at the community and household level.
  • Producing radio messages, posters and leaflets in local languages on risks and prevention.
  • Training community volunteers to carry out awareness campaigns.

How can I help?

In order to continue protecting and improving the lives of those in poor communities, your gifts are needed now more than ever. Your essential support will help families survive.

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