Meet the Emergency Response Team

Our Emergency Response Team is there on the front line of an emergency. You can be part of that team by donating to us once a month to fund out work. Please join us, and save lives before, during and after emergencies.

Laura Purves

Laura is an Emergency Response Team logistics expert, and has worked all over the world, including coordinating ambulances during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Laura joined CAFOD’s emergency team nearly five years ago. She is often sent out to support CAFOD’s partners with the logistics of getting support to people in need after an emergency hits. When Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone, Laura was sent to work with our local partners, in a vital role coordinating a fleet of ambulances. The nature of the virus meant extremely swift treatment was hugely important to give patients the best hope of survival. Ambulances had to be ready to collect patients at a moment’s notice, and then thoroughly cleaned after taking them to hospital.

Another part of her work was ensuring the preparation of vehicles taking food, water, blankets and mattresses to families placed in quarantine, who were unable to even leave their homes.

Brian Standley

Brian travels all over the world for CAFOD's Emergency Response Team. He has been helping people recover after severe flooding in Myanmar.

Brian is one of the Emergency Response Team’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) specialists. He regularly works with our local partners, and sister agencies, such as Trocaire, on expanding WASH systems.

When devastating floods struck Myanmar, Brian was able to help ensure that people affected still had access to water and sanitation. This work included monitoring drinking water quality, assessing wells, and ensuring enough toilets were provided. Most importantly, Brian spoke to those affected, to make sure that we were meeting their needs and that they were happy with our work.


George Wambugu

George is a water and sanitation expert for CAFOD's Emergency Response Team.

George is another water specialist on our emergency team, and was sent to help CAFOD’s response after two earthquakes caused devastation in Nepal in April and May 2015.

People in Nepal were left in great need of help with emergency response and recovery. George’s role was to help coordinate the water and sanitation infrastructure building – this includes looking at the design of the new system, testing water quality, and ensuring that we are letting people know about the importance of hygiene.

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