Rohingya Crisis Appeal

A woman with a baby receives an aid package from CAFOD's partners in Bangladesh.

Emergency aid is being given to vulnerable families who have fled their homes in Myanmar for Bangladesh.

By donating to our Rohingya Crisis Appeal, you can provide food, water and shelter to people in desperate need.

Please donate to CAFOD’s Rohingya Crisis Appeal

Humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh

More than half a million people are now estimated to have fled to Bangladesh since 25 August, escaping violence in Rakhine State in neighbouring Myanmar.

CAFOD is responding through Caritas Bangladesh by providing emergency aid to those in need. In coordination with other agencies and the Bangladeshi government, we hope to reach more than 60,000 vulnerable people with food, clean water and shelter.

Chris Bain, CAFOD’s Director, said: “The suffering we have witnessed in the faces of men, women and children who have fled to Bangladesh must end. We now need your help, so that we can dramatically scale up our response and urgently reach more people. 

“Every donation will have an impact on the frontline of this crisis, literally making the difference between life and death over the coming weeks.” 

Help provide emergency supplies

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