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Baby Akou Marial, 3 weeks, was born under a tree in the forests of Yolakot, South Sudan in Lake State where her family has sought temporary refuge.

Baby Akou Marial was born under a tree in Lakes State, South Sudan where her family has sought temporary refuge. [Sara Fajardo/CRS]

What has happened?

Nearly four years of conflict in South Sudan has forced over 3 million people from their homes and led to 4.9 million people struggling to find enough food to eat.

The UN has declared that parts of the country are now facing famine and the number of people affected will rise if there isn’t quick action.

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What is CAFOD doing?

We are supporting our local Church partners to provide food, shelter, healthcare, clean water, sanitation and emergency supplies to thousands of people who have been forced from their homes. As fighting continues, there are major challenges in delivering aid, but we are doing all that we can to reach people in need.

Fergus Conmee, CAFOD’s Head of Africa, said: “South Sudan is the world’s newest nation, but also one of the poorest. Our Church partners are doing everything they can to support those who have been caught up in the fighting. But this is a crisis on a massive scale. We must act urgently to reach people in the worst affected areas.”

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