Syria Crisis Appeal

A Syrian refugee child holds free medicine given to her by a mobile clinic run by CAFOD partner Caritas Lebanon.

CAFOD's local experts in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan are responding to the Syria Crisis.

What is happening in Syria?

As we reach 10 years of civil war in Syria, it has become the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

According to the UN the conflict has killed over 500,000 people and caused large-scale displacement, estimating that 6.2 million Syrians have been made homeless inside the country. More than half the country’s pre-war population - 11.7 million people - are in need of urgent humanitarian aid, including food, water, shelter and protection.

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Over 5.3 million Syrians have registered as refugees in neighbouring countries.

More information is available in our Syria crisis Q&A.

What are the needs for Syrian people?

With millions of Syrians facing the new threat of coronavirus, they desperately need aid right now. We need to provide food, shelter and safety for people driven from their homes, as well as blankets, warm clothes and other essentials.

Children are often traumatised after seeing their parents killed or homes destroyed in front of them. They urgently need peace and the opportunity to go home and rebuild their lives. Please give today to help us reach the most vulnerable people.

What is CAFOD doing to help people affected by the Syrian war?

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of Catholics across England and Wales, our partners are providing vital emergency aid – food, shelter and medical care – to vulnerable families both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries.

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