Syria Crisis Appeal

A Syrian refugee child holds free medicine given to her by a mobile clinic run by CAFOD partner Caritas Lebanon.

CAFOD's local experts in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan are responding to the Syria Crisis.

What is happening in Syria?

As we reach 11 years of civil war in Syria, the conflict has now killed over 500,000 people. It has made an estimated 6.6 million Syrians homeless inside the country while over 6.7 million Syrians are registered refugees in neighbouring countries - making this the largest displacement crisis in the world.

Many refugees live in makeshift camps, derelict buildings, or even in the open air. Children are often traumatised after seeing their family members and friends killed or their homes destroyed in front of them.

Please give today to help us reach the most vulnerable people.

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What are the urgent needs for Syrian people?

There are about 12 million people who require humanitarian assistance in Syria. Men, women and children don't have access to proper shelter, medication and education.

With millions of Syrians also dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, they desperately need aid right now. We need to provide food, shelter, blankets, warm clothes and other essentials.

Families are suffering from a massive loss in income as people are unable to work, leading to an increase in hunger as people struggle to afford food. Many vulnerable people - often women and children - are more at risk. Cases of domestic violence have increased as women are forced to stay inside.

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of Catholics across England and Wales, our partners are providing vital emergency aid to vulnerable families both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries.

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