World Food Crisis Appeal

Right now, millions of families are facing a food crisis that could be worse than any we’ve lived through.

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World Food Crisis

In Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan, up to 20 million people are fighting for their very survival. They are facing terrifying drought and rocketing food prices. Schools are closed, and the threat of extreme hunger is forcing people to spend their life savings or leave their homes.

But with your help, there is hope

With the right support, delivered by our local aid experts to the people who need it most, we can make an enormous difference.


“We need more support, to bring water and food to these communities that are really suffering.

"We need to feed these hungry people and quench their thirst. We need resources to reach out to these communities to save their lives.”

Isacko Jirma, Lead aid worker in Marsabit, Kenya

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What is causing this food crisis?

This was not inevitable. Driven by food shortages following the conflict in Ukraine, man-made climate crises like drought and flooding, and the lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, extreme hunger is on the rise.

As many as 811 million people around the world are facing extreme hunger right now.

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How can I help?

Together, we can reach out with love to help our sisters and brothers around the world who are facing extreme hunger through no fault of their own.

Together, we can help families build resilience in the face of extreme hunger, with tools, training and climate-resistant seeds to help with sustainable farming, with emergency food, water and shelter, and so much more.

Because no one is beyond the reach of the love they need to flourish.

Pray for those affected by hunger

Take action on our broken global food system

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