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Nicanora and her community faced unimaginable challenges on her small farm in the Bolivian highlands. But Hands On supporters joined her on a two-year journey to transform her life and help her provide for her children.

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Life on the Altiplano is harsh

Nicanora from the Altiplano, Bolivia, who will be working with the CAFOD Hands On project

CAFOD's partners will be working with Nicanora and her community through our Hands On Altiplano project

Nicanora is a 34-year-old mum of four, who lives on the Bolivian Altiplano – an area of arid plain high in the Andes mountains. Up here the burning sun can give way to heavy hailstorms, destroying the crops Nicanora spends so long cultivating.

But with the help of Hands On supporters, Nicanora started an extraordinary journey that is now transforming her life.

The grand plan to transform a community from poverty to plenty

Our experts are helping Nicanora and her neighbours to install piping and a tap for irrigation; build a wormery, which will produce compost to give crops all the nutrients they need; and build a vegetable garden and a greenhouse, to shelter their vegetables from the harsh environment. Nicanora is already hard at work. All she needed was people like you to make regular donations and get beside her every step of the way.

You can support Nicanora's Hands On project - set up a regular gift now

If you are not able to support Nicanora’s journey today, you can join our next Hands On project when it launches in Colombia later this year. Please check back here in a few months. We’ll let you know when the project is starting and if you’d like to, you can set up a regular gift to support it.

Your Hands On journey

If you do sign up to Hands On, you will hear from the communities on the Altiplano for the remaining few months of their two-year project. We will keep you updated on the project as and when things happen, via post and email, so that you understand exactly where your money is going and how you have transformed the landscape here.

After the Altiplano project finishes we will introduce you to the new project in Colombia so you can follow the work from start to completion. You can opt out of communications and pause or cancel your Direct Debit at any time.

Get hands on today and support a community to lift themselves out of poverty

This is an ambitious project across the Altiplano and the transformation won’t happen overnight, so please consider making a regular donation to join Nicanora and her neighbours as they near the end of their journey.

How to get hands on with Nicanora

Hands on heart: our promise to you

1. Your Hands On donations will directly fund your chosen project

Every penny you donate will go into our Hands On Fund. Your chosen project will receive all the money it needs from the fund.

2. Your Hands On donations are flexible

If you are unable to continue supporting Hands On, you can change, pause, stop or restart your donations, just call us on 0303 303 3030.

3. When your project ends, you can get hands on somewhere else

After your chosen project is complete, we’ll introduce you to another project. And once again you’ll follow the work from start to completion.

4. You’ll always see the difference you are making

Over time the Hands On Fund will support many projects. But you’ll always be able to see how you are helping communities to build a secure and prosperous future.

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