Changing lives in Niger - the Hands On way

Life is hard in Doutchi, Niger. Frequent drought and devastating floods have repeatedly destroyed harvests, meaning that it can be a struggle to feed your family one meal a day. Thanks to generous CAFOD supporters, the people of Doutchi are turning their lives around.

The people of Doutchi - a community living in one of the world’s poorest countries - are working on an ambitious two-year project to grow enough food for three meals a day.

Life in Niger

Niger is the world’s poorest country and is also one of the hottest. Getting enough food to eat is the biggest challenge for people living here.

But the people of Doutchi are working hard to break this cycle of hunger, ensuring that each family can be sure of three meals every day.

Through training on new farming techniques to improve their land, caring for livestock and learning how to prepare for and recover from extreme weather, they are laying the foundations for a better and more secure future.

Work has started

Thanks to generous Hands On donors, work has started in Doutchi. One of the first activities was to get started on improving the quality of the ground here. Once that is done, it will be much easier to grow crops and tend to livestock.
Local farmers have been given new ploughs, and have been trained to create their own organic fertilisers and bio-pesticides to help improve their harvests.

To complement everything our farmers are doing to improve the land, we have started rearing and looking after animals.
The goats we are giving to families will give them a source of milk. This milk is very rich in nutrients, so is particularly good for growing children. The manure from the goats will also be great for the farmers, whose increased crop yields will in turn ensure that our goats will have plenty to eat.

Hands On Doutchi is no longer in need of new donors, but there is an opportunity to get involved with our latest project, working with farming communities on the harsh Bolivian Altiplano.

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