Leave CAFOD a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will to charity is a wonderful way to reach out to future generations and help people affected by poverty and injustice have life to the full.

Our will guide gives tips for writing a will and suggested wording for a legacy gift. We have a free will-writing service for supporters: face to face with a solicitor through the Free Wills Network or over the telephone with the Co-op. 

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Information you need for making your will

If you’ve already decided you’d like to include a gift to CAFOD in your will, thank you!

The most important information you need is:

Our registered charity number:    1160384

Our registered address:    Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7JB

You may also find our suggested wording for your will and the different types of legacy gift you can leave helpful.

If you have any questions about gifts in wills and CAFOD's work, call Hannah Caldwell on 020 7095 5367 or email legacy@cafod.org.uk

What’s so special about a charity legacy gift? 

Gifts in wills help CAFOD respond quickly when emergencies strike and make long-term commitments to communities to help them overcome poverty and injustice.

Click on the pictures below to watch our films Keep believing in people and Faith in the future to find out more about what makes CAFOD’s work special and how your gift will change lives. 


CAFOD is a member of the Your Catholic Legacy group, spreading the word about the difference gifts in wills make to Catholic charities.

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If you're an executor

Information for those dealing with a will containing a gift to CAFOD

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